Saturday, June 7, 2014

oh summer

This summer has been… 


This is the first summer of my life that hasn't begun with school coming to an end. There was no beginning of summer really… I kept my exact same schedule at work, and all that changed was the temperature outside. I guess this is how everyone in the working world feels! Welcome to the real world! Haha but seriously in my defense, it feels very weird. It has been so SO nice to have school be over for Layton though. That cutie finished his first year with flying colors WOO! This is also our first summer living in Virginia… bring on the humidity!

Full of Stress

Law school is out! Doesn't that mean no more stress until the Fall? WRONG. OGI's (on grounds interviews) are coming up for next year's internship and we have been hard at work networking, cover letterING, resumeING, and stressING. We have no idea where we want to end up, but we will see what options open up! In the meantime I'm grateful for my hardworking partner in crime. 

Full of Adventures

The BEST part about summer so far has been coming home from work to find Layton waiting for me to go do something! Living in Charlottesville in the summer has already given us some of the funnest times and memories. As of late we have ventured down south to the Natural Bridge and went camping.

The Natural Bridge! It was so much cooler than we thought rivaling maybe even the Delicate Arch?

We also have had fun going to some of the lakes around Charlottesville and beachin it. 

All in all… it's been a GOOD summer so far. Can't wait to see whats to come! 



Thursday, May 29, 2014

may 29

I'm a little crazy about dates. You can ask Layton and he will tell you that I remember every date of anything. All the time! And yes I remembered that today marks 4 years of meeting Layton, him entering my life and changing it forever. I love you babe!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

fams in town!

I have been so excited for my family to come to Charlottesville to see our new home, and finally the day has come! Originally it was just supposed to be my parents, but last minute they decided to bring my sister and brother as well... so the WHOLE FAMILY CAME!  I can't even begin to tell you how happy we were to see all of them, especially my sissie who has been traveling in New Zealand for the past 3 months. It was the best reunion:)

The first day they got here we went to Carter Mountain Orchard for dinner, apple cider donuts, some live music, and to watch the sunset. 

 Best donuts in the world 
Later we walked around the Rotunda and campus

Friday we went hiking in Shenando National Park, which was so beautiful! 

We went and visited Layton at the law school and got a little tour...

Then headed downtown for the free concert, and dinner at Citizen Burger

 Kettle corn strait from heaven. Check out that VAT of popcorn!
 Citizen Burger never ever disappoints
Donuts for dessert? Yes please 

As if having them in Charlottesville wasn't fun enough... the next day we headed to the Outer Banks for the long weekend! 

isn't the beach the BEST?
such pretty sunsets in the banks

Wild horses right on the beach 

We had full on beach days, swam in the ocean, took long walks, rode our bikes to a lighthouse, ate the yummiest food, laughed our heads off, and just enjoyed all being together!

It was paradise! Literal heaven to be with my amazing family in our new hometown, and also in beachy paradise. So grateful to my parents for making it happen! Love y'all!